The Stick and Rudder

I have ventured into the area where many of my colleagues are uncomfortable, namely, flying.

Yes, flying, see back in the day, that is what pilots did, we flew the machine, I have seen Icarus in action, escaping the humidity, but falling just short of hubris.

I have seen the phoenix in action and I saw the Caravelle and DC-7 Gods fly the uncharted skies.

I recall when all you had to do to was ace the flying portion and land in one of those terrible runways with mountains all around on a rough weather day, then you became a pilot.

See nowadays we have a new breed of pilots, the paper pushers, and they are the antithesis of the stick and rudder folks. They are the reason we have to have the autopilot on above FL290 (roughly equivalent to 29,000 ft). They have taught so many pilots to trust the machine, to use maximum automation and to “manage workload”. Managing Workload is another word for having someone else do it.

Flying quit being fun when disconnecting the autopilot became the last resort. It used to be the first, then the paper pushers sat down with manufacturers and started engineering the stick and rudder pilots out of the cockpits.

Yet, time and again, we see the paper pushers failing to tame the machines they fly. What we really need today and tomorrow is the less paper pushing and more flying.

Peace, Out!

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